Of course you have many options as to where you can have your baby.  Mainstream America goes to a hospital to have a baby however that is not the only place to have your baby...
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Pregnant women seem to have an attraction to water.  Many pregnant women say that they are drawn to water; they feel a strong urge to dive into the waves, or dream of floating on the surface for long periods of time.  This attraction can be even stronger during labor.  It makes perfect sense to desire laboring and birthing in the water.  Read more about Waterbirth.

Excerpts from the Birth Story of Marcella Grace – Told by her Proud PapaBirth Story:
Welcoming a new life into this world is quite possibly a parents’ most memorable moment.  Euphoria is just one way to describe the emotions felt during childbirth.  Many mothers often tell their birth story or write it down so they can share it with their child later in life.  But it is not just a mother who can share a wonderful birth story so can the father.  That is our case. Read More

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