Excerpts from the Birth Story of Marcella Grace – Told by her Proud Papa

I remember waking and looking at the clock, it was 12:25 a.m.  Megs was next to the bed, standing and grimacing in pain.  I jumped up and stood by her side.  “What’s wrong sweet heart?” I asked. 

“I'm just having some strong contractions.”  She said. 

We breathed together by the side of the bed and after the contraction subsided we went to lie down again.  After 20 seconds, Megan jumped up again.

“I’m having another one and it is really uncomfortable to lie down.”………. 

……….I was so impressed by the consistency.  The whole process was amazing to me.  Now watching it all unfold, my respect for Megan began to grow immensely.  The female body is an absolute miracle.  To slowly change over nine months to accommodate this little being.  For the uterus to tone itself with tiny contractions during the last few months. For the body to know that it is now time to birth and for the contractions to intensify as the cervix begins to expand beyond most men’s comprehension.  I was in awe as I continually helped put a bit of pressure on her low back.  It seemed to me that I was doing very little but Megan seemed to really enjoy the release……….  Marcella Grace

……..I remained in a constant lock on Megan’s eyes and she looked back at me with a confidence and trust that I wish on every man.  I was her pillar of strength and together, against whatever odds we needed to face, she would push this baby out herself………

……….I sat there on the floor of our bedroom gazing at my wife in utter amazement.  She had done so much, and over such a long period.  I was in awe…………

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