WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A MIDWIFE: Most midwives will see you through all of your prenatal care, labor and delivery and postpartum care.

You will probably have prenatal visits every four weeks until you are 28 to 30 weeks pregnant, then every two weeks until you are 36 weeks pregnant and finally once a week until you give birth.   During your prenatal visits your midwife will check your overall health and progression and track your urine, weight, pulse, blood pressure, fetal movement and growth.  And of course you should have all of your questions answered at each visit and not feel rushed.

DECIDING TO HAVE A HOME BIRTH: Of course you have many options as to where you can have your baby.  Mainstream America goes to a hospital to have a baby however that is not the only place to have your baby.  You can choose to have your baby at a birthing center or in the comfort of your own home with an experienced team of midwives in attendance.

CHOOSING A MIDWIFE: Choosing a midwife should be a fun and exciting experience.  Your midwife will be one that you will develop a very special and intimate relationship with.  A great place to find a midwife in your area is on the internet.  You can try these two sites in particular:  www.findamidwife.com or the Midwives Alliance of North America at:  www.mana.org.  Another fantastic resource is word of mouth.  Ask around and see if you can find a friend who has had a homebirth.  More than likely they will be delighted to recommend their midwife to you.  You can also attend a La Leche League meeting and you will probably meet a mom who gave birth at home.

When you are interviewing midwives bring what ever questions you might have.  If you are not sure what to ask click here for a list to help.

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