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Biologically babies need to be carried in order to thrive.  There are many advantages to wearing your baby, here are just a few:
  • Babies who are held close and often are more calm, content and cry less often
  • Babies who are held close and often sleep more peacefully
  • Babies who are held close and often nurse better
  • Wearing your baby is very compatible with nursing on demand
  • Wearing your baby is a convenient way to bring them to social events and outings
  • Wearing your baby protects them from strangers who are too eager to invade their personal space
  • Wearing your baby keeps both of your hands free
  • Baby carriers are much lighter and easier to transport – just toss one in your bag and go!

Now that you have decided, “YES it makes sense to wear my baby” here are some helpful tips:

  • As your baby grows your babywearing needs change.
  • Try many different baby carriers – wrap, sling, pouch, soft pack – and find the one or ones that work best for you and your baby.
  • If you don’t want to go out and purchase all of these carriers find a friend who you can borrow them from.
  • If you do want to purchase multiple carriers consider saving yourself some money and buying them used from consignment shops or eBay or if you have the skill you can make one yourself.
  • Get help from an experienced babywearer.  A great place to find other babywearing moms is at a La Leche League meeting or the park, library, play groups etc.
  • Be persistent!  It might take some time to find the perfect fit.  If a carrier doesn’t work the first time try it again later.
  • Wear your baby high and tight.  Just as if you were holding your baby in your arms you would have them up high near your chest not sagging at your waist.  Having a high and snug hold will make it more comfortable on you back in the long run.
  • Try different positions at different stages.  For example, use a cradle carry or tummy to tummy or sitting Buddha style for infants. For toddlers try a back carry or hip carry.
  • You might want to try different carriers for different activities – one for hiking or vigorous walking and a different one for running errands.
  • Check out other websites to learn more about babywearing or read Babywearing; The Benefits and Beauty of This Ancient Tradition by Maria Blois, MD.
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  • Be flexible and have FUN!  Your baby is your most precious cargo and you should enjoy the time you have to hold them as soon they will be holding you!

Car seats are a wonderful invention however let’s leave them in the car!!!  Carry your baby instead!

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