Children sharing sleep with their parents has been a natural occurrence for human beings since the beginning of time, and it is still common in many cultures today. Our independent-focused society leads many people to believe that it’s rare, unusual or even weird.  The truth of the matter is many families co-sleep! Unfortunately, many families feel they have to co-sleep “secretly” because there is no support.  If there was more support in our culture for co-sleeping then you would hear of it more often.

Any happy co-sleeping family will agree that there are many benefits to co-sleeping.  When you sleep with your children you become more connected.  You get to learn not only their personality during the day but their habits during the night.  Being connected leads to a life-long healthy relationship.  Breastfeeding is easier!  When your baby wakes during the night they are usually hungry. It is much easier to start nursing when your baby is right by your side.  Many moms are even able to sleep through or rest while their baby nurses. Mothers and babies sleep better.  When co-sleeping many mothers and babies have their sleep cycles in sync so they are able to sleep better.


The number one myth of co-sleeping is that you could roll on your baby.  Have you ever fallen out of bed while sleeping?  Probably not and that is because our bodies are smart enough to know where the edge of the bed is even when we are asleep.  The same is true for when you are sleeping with your children.  You have a sense of where your children are and you don’t roll on top of them.  Of course common sense comes into effect and you should not be going to bed with your children if you are intoxicated to the point where you may harm your children or yourself while sleeping.

One common question for the co-sleeping parents is, “what about your sex life?”  Well that is an easy one.  Get creative and go some place where baby is not.  Maintaining a healthy and satisfying sex life with a sleeping baby in your bed is the easy part because you can have the rest of the house to yourself.  Just think once your child is a teenager they will be all over the house and you and your partner will probably only be able to have sex in your bed.  So be creative and have fun!    

The most important thing to remember is: whatever way your family chooses to sleep is perfectly fine.  Of course the goal is for every one in the family to get the most sleep! 

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