Belly Fun!

You are only pregnant with this child, at this one moment in your life, and what a special moment it is.  There are some fun ways you can capture this moment and cherish it forever.  Taking pictures throughout your entire pregnancy is a wonderful way to marvel at the wonders of your growing baby and body.  You can also hire a professional photographer for the glorious and artistic images of yourself. 

Show your artistic abilities by creating a belly cast and then decorate (paint) it. This is a very simple and inexpensive process. You can also create a belly cast and then have it transformed into an everlasting work of art such as a bronze bowl.  This bronze belly bowl is unique and special for you and your child.  You can choose the finish of the bronze and the colors you wish to have.

If you really want fun, but temporary, go with a Henna belly painting kit.  You can get all sorts of beautiful Henna tattoo designs and if you like them, do it during the different stages of your pregnancy.  Henna tattoos are perfectly safe and will wash off with time.

It is so easy to forget the size and shape of our pregnant body and having these mementos is a wonderful way to look back on that special time in your life.

You are a glowing icon of beauty!

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