Dental Health:
Did you know you should be brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they come in?  You should also be cleaning their gums before their teeth arrive.  Proper dental care and prevention are ways to save your baby and you from unwanted cavities.  It’s never too early to start prevention!

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Your baby might not take to them right away, so try again later.  Feed your baby real food, the stuff in jars and cans often is loaded with chemicals and preservatives.  Have your baby eat the same food that you prepare for yourself. If you are making yourself a salad give your baby some of the avocado, or if you are having beans and rice for lunch set aside a small portion for your baby that you don’t add the extra spice to.  Introducing healthy tastes to your baby from the beginning will set them up for a lifetime of craving good foods.

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Soft Soled Shoes:
Doctors and other medical experts around the world agree that soft, flexible soled shoes are the next best thing to bare feet for your child's foot development.

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